Jurgen Klopp : Liverpool should draw results

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes the 3-2 defeat to Arsenal deserves a draw. and not agreeing with the penalty that the team itself is losing until it leads to defeat

“We can create opportunities. we look very dangerous we can score a beautiful door then conceded a goal in the last second of the first half Obviously we made a mistake. by counter game and lost the door that’s our situation. We finished the first half knowing we did well in the game. UFABET But not with the results of the competition.”

“We want to continue the good things. But unfortunately we didn’t do that. We equalized, then the game was open. The situation on the penalty spot. Of course, we should have cleared. I have seen it now. And I think you can imagine. I don’t think it’s a penalty, it’s very light. I think it’s a situation that the referee has to look at again in real time.

“There are many things that hinder us. But we are not blind We saw that we could have done better. Overall it was a good away game with a good team. We created a lot of problems for them. But you have to stand here with no points.”

Jurgen Klopp said

“Unfortunately, he was injured. (Trent Alexander-Arnold substitution) as well as Luis Diaz, it doesn’t look good for both of them.

“Arsenal did really well and in some situations I think we played well, conceding three goals has nothing to do with the game. We have to overcome challenges in times like these. They don’t deserve to be in these situations. But it happened.”

“I saw a team with the right attitude, fighting, playing football and in the first half we did it. But in the second half I didn’t see much of these moments.”

“I think this game is always But today we have nothing.”