Kehl defends Bellingham after Bayern claims he should be sacked

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Bayern Munich have criticized referees for failing to sack Jude Bellingham for a high kick against Alphonso Davis. Leading to a head injury to Sebastian Kehl. Will come out to protect the 19-year-old midfielder football.

Borussia Dortmund sporting director Sebastian Kehl has defended Jude Bellingham. Saying the 19-year-old was just trying to win the ball with no intention of harming his opponent. Bayern Munich have criticized referee Deniz Aytekin for making the mistake of not sacking the England midfielder. UFABET According to Sport1 on Sunday. 

Both Tigers CEO Oliver Kahn and coach Julian Nagelsmann have both criticized referee Aytekin for not sacking Bellingham. After the 19-year-old midfielder kicked high on Alphonso Davis sustained a head injury and was later taken to hospital. But Kehl responded by suggesting that the Tigers were lucky that many players were not fired either. 

‘Jude didn’t see him at all. He was trying to get the ball.’ said Kehl. ‘Of course, it was obvious in the end and it was unfortunate. That Davis had to leave the pitch. But if we start talking about it now I don’t know how we assess the situation with Sane, Goretzka or De Ligt.’

Both Leon Goretzka, Matthijs de Ligt and Leroy Sane were also fouls at risk of being sent off. But Aytekin continued to let the players play. Before he kicked off Kingsley Coman in the last minute. After the French winger was register for the second time.