Roma open the nest to beat 10 Lecce 2-1.

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Roma picked up three crucial points once again with a 2-1 win over Lecce in the away football game with 10 players remaining.

Roma have opted for Andrea Belotti as their front target. With Paulo Dybala and Nicolo Zaniolo backing them up. While Lecce Assan Césay is the forward hope. 

The hosts started well, leading 1-0 quickly from the 6th minute. Lorenzo Pellegrini opened the ball from the right side for Chris Smalling to hit the ground back into the beautiful first post UFABET

The visitors had the opportunity to equalize in the 17th minute. From a free-kick that Christoffer Askildsen opened for centre-back Federico Baschirotto to head. But not in the frame.

The visiting team had to have 10 players left in the 22nd minute. When Morten Julmund fouled Andrea Belotti the local spearhead. The Czech VAR referee sent a red card for Julmand to leave the field.

But Lecce’s 10 men returned to equalize 1-1 in the 39th minute from the stroke of the ball in the penalty area before the ball spilled into the gun. Gabriel Strefezza got the lottery with the right focus, then ended. The first half is tied 1-1.

The second half returned to play 3 minutes, Roma led again to 2-1 from the penalty spot Tammy Abraham, who had just come down as a reserve, was fouled by Christopher Askildsen before being Paulo. Dybala takes on the responsibility of killing.

But after taking the penalty.

Dybala was injured and played in the penalty area until he couldn’t continue playing and had to be substituted for Nemanja Matic.

Roma nearly got it again in the 70th minute, Brian Cristante gave the ball to Tammy Abraham to rest his chest before turning in a shot in the box. But blocked away players from behind a bit. 

  The hosts almost got it again in the 88th minute. Brian Christante opened the ball from the right to Tammy Abraham, header pressed into the ground. Vladimiro Falcone goalkeeper Lecce had to float away. narrowly cross the beam

Then at the end of the game, Roma defeated Lecce with the remaining 10 men 2-1, adding to 19 points and going up to 5th in the table.