Manchester United Invaded Everton 2-1.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has scored in the Premier League this season as Manchester United beat Everton 2-1.

English Premier League Football

Everton 1 – Man United 2

Stadium: Goodison Park

Starting the game for only 5 minutes, Everton took the lead 1-0, Casemiro was hit by Amadou Onana, smashing the ball from his feet to come to Demarai Gray, snatching it to the front of the penalty area, signing for Alex. Iwobi spun away from David de Gea’s hand, tucking in a beautiful goal.

But 10 minutes later, the Red Devils hit the night 1-1, Idrissa Gay made the ball meet Bruno Fernandes, snatching the ball quickly to Anthony Martial, receding and flowing up. Antony’s face slipped into the right penalty area and turned the shot with the left before Jordan Pickford went in.

The game reached the 20th minute. Idrissa Gay made a mistake again. The ball entered Christian Eriksen’s way, dribbled for almost 20 yards before shooting the ball to save the Toffee defensive lineman. Seamus Coleman immediately cleared it.

29th minute: Anthony Martial is injured and can’t continue playing. The Red Devils have to send Cristiano Ronaldo on instead. UFABET

At the end of the first half.

In 41 minutes, Bruno Fernandes shot the ball from the center of the field, Cristiano Ronaldo down the reserve, snatching away the home team. Far outside the box, the ball lightly directs Mr. Toffee Dan. A few moments later, Casemiro headed the ball out of the side of the goal unfortunately.

The visiting team took the lead 2-1 in the 44th minute. Casemiro stole the ball from Alex Iwobi and quickly stabbed for Cristiano Ronaldo. The speed slipped on the left side and dribbled the ball to pass the ball. The bottom of the net is his first goal in the league this season. and is also the 700th child at the club level

Second half in the 64th minute, Christian Eriksen threw a free kick on the left edge of the line, the ball curled up and bounced the ground into the envelope. Jordan Pickford was not difficult to accept.

The Red Devils hoped to tear away in the 74th minute. Antony passed the ball back to the left in the penalty area. Cristiano Ronaldo pinned back to Christian Eriksen ran to smash the ball over the crossbar.

The visiting team in the 80th minute David de Gea put a long ball from the front of the goal. Cristiano Ronaldo floated, headed Marcus Rashford, using a blow to cut in front of Alex Iwobi following the pump. The ball with James Tarkowski dropped into the shot to pass the ball into the bottom of the net. But the check referee VAR caught handball referred.

90+1 minute injury time, Conor Caudy pushed high to pass the ball to James Garner, the former Red Devils star shot the ball down. David de Gea jumped to round the hand to help the team escape the score. End of the game. Manchester United Beat Everton 2-1, collecting 15 points, rising to fifth in the table.