Arsenal got Saka to beat the penalty, defeat Liverpool 3-2.

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Arsenal continues to show a hot form continuously. At home, they beat Liverpool 3-2. While the Reds are still in a dire situation in the Premier League.

English Premier League Football
Arsenal 3 – Liverpool 2

Stadium: Emirates Stadium

Starting the game only 58 seconds. Arsenal took the lead quickly 1-0 from the counter-attack. When Bukayo Saka dragged the ball to the starboard. Before cutting into the middle for Martin Odegaard to flow through the channel. Cut back Trent to Gabriel Martinelli, shot straight into the net.

Then Liverpool tried to set up the attacking game. And in the 26th minute there was an opportunity when Mohamed Salah passed the ball into the empty space. Plus the right-hand corner of the penalty area. Darwin Nunez ran after him and stomped with his right foot full Strong. But Aaron Ramsdale can still brush it off. UFABET

It is also a chance to equalize the Reds again in the 32nd minute when Salah slithered into the right penalty area and chose to shoot himself. But the ball fell off the first post.

Liverpool finally equalized 1-1 in the 34th minute when the ball threw from Trent into the empty space in front of Gabriel Magalles, blocking a mistake, causing Luis Diaz to snatch the ball through to starboard. Cut into the middle for Núñez to fall down, provoke the leg, charge the ball through Ramsdale, tung the net.

In the 42nd minute, Luis Diaz of the visiting team, who has been injured in the knee for a while and can’t continue playing. Had to replace Roberto Firmino.

The first half of the game was already a tie. But in the 5th minute stoppage time, Liverpool, who had a chance to win a free-kick on the left side, was extracted by Arsenal and parked with Martinelli, dragging into the left-hand penalty area and slashing to the front of the door. Let Bukayo Saka fall, charge the ball sharply. Go in the door

In the first 45 minutes, Arsenal lead Liverpool 2-1.

In the second half.

Liverpool had to replace Trent Alexander-Arnold. The ankle injury from the first half sent Joe Gomez down instead.

The Gunners almost added another score in the 50th minute, when Odegaard had a clear mule shot in front of the penalty area but pushed straight on Alisson.

In the 53rd minute, it was Liverpool who equalized 2-2. Jota flowed along the cut-back Saliba into the left-hand penalty area for Roberto Firmino to follow the shot with the left foot, breaking the joint through Ramsdale. Plug the pole as far as possible.

Then Arsenal almost went ahead and stretched the game, and in the 76th minute, from the rhythm that was heavily attacked, the Reds’ defensive line did not break the ball before Thiago missed a kick at Jesus. S fell down, the referee pointed out a penalty before Saka took charge of the kill without missing out, sending the Gunners 3-2 lead.

The rest of the time, the Gunners are still doing well as before and the Reds can’t do much. End of the game, Arsenal defeated Liverpool 3-2 to get back to the top of the crowd from Manchester City.